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Functional safety

Neural networks

H&S design Simulation

There are several reasons. I have been deeply impressed by the academic atmosphere when I became a doctor of science.

I was born in the capital of China. Since then I have been in connection with the science of nature. I learned to walk after I learned to speak(^_^|||), so I was good at language expression and later became a university lecturer, and of course it needed me to accumulate plenty of knowledge, I've been studying now and again. People who have seen me are very impressed with me.

I have achieved remarkable results in neural network, image recognition, functional safety and computer programming, and have made outstanding contributions in many enterprises and projects. In the field of education, I often lead the students to organize teams to participate in practical projects, which will not only bring experience to students, but also contribute to the society.

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Web Design

Can be proficient in web programming with HTML5 PHP C++ Java and so on, and also proficient in MySQL & Sqlserver databases.

Business Intelligence

Use advanced algorithm and optimization plan to complete data integration, provide reports quickly and accurately, and put forward decision-making basis to help enterprises make wise business management decisions.

Security system authentication

Help enterprises to carry out functional safety certification of documents, equipment, software, and processes under the guidance of ISO.

Neural network research

Learning neural network theory model, network model, algorithm, application, research on industrial production, pattern recognition, network security.

Hardware design and simulation

Design and simulate the FPGA chip with VHDL & Verilog, and optimized the software algorithm of the running speed of the integrated chip.

Teaching Research

Be a teacher in Beijing University of Technology and love students and the job.

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work experience

2017 - Now


Lecturer & Researcher

As a teacher in Beijing University of Technology, I am responsible for the teaching and research tasks of undergraduate students. At the same time serving as product manager of UPARE and WIT company.

2010 - 2017


CEO of Upare Co.,Ltd.

This is a o2o company, whose members are all college students and teachers with design and development capabilities. The purpose of the company is to transform knowledge into productive forces, so as to get better income and to verify knowledge in practice.

2007 - 2017


Founder of HOWWANT.COM

For interest, the website was founded and the brainstorming community was released in 2006, which aims to allow more students to participate in the trend of creative thinking. In 2007, the Chinese early group buying website 'college girls network' was founded at Beijing International Studies University, and then acquired by the Koreans.

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UI/UX Designer


Java Script

Web developer

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Big data


Web development

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No. 100, Pingleyuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.


(86-010) 6739 2193

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